DuraReady Labels Support and Solutions

IMPORTANT NEWS! The latest version of the Dymo Label software (8.6.x) appears to break support for the custom label size templates used by our labels. Please keep your Dymo software at version 8.5.4 or below until this bug is fixed by Dymo.

The most commom message we receive is that we sent out black labels and not the white ones that were ordered.  All of our labels appear black because this is the inked ribbon that gives the labels their durability.  You print the labels normally then peel off the ribbon to reveal the finished label underneath.

DuraReady Label Loading and Printing

How to design your DuraReady label layouts. 
Many of our DuraReady labels have unique sizes different from standard Dymo labels.  We have created custom label templates for all of our labels and they are available in single zipped file. Using Version 8.x or higher of the Dymo Label Software
Select the appropriate custom DuraReady label template and design as you normally would.

Custom DuraReady Label Templates (Requires Version 8.x of Dymo Software)

FOR PC DOWNLOAD custom DuraReady label templates (Right click Save link/target as)
Unzip templates to My Documents/Dymo Label/Labels folder.

FOR MAC DOWNLOAD of custom DuraReady label templates (Right click Save link/target as)
Copy MAC template files to Documents>Dymo Label Software.

Load the Dymo Label program and click File Open to select a custom DuraReady template.

HandCrafted Label Template Method

For greater layout control or when using Version 7.x or below of the Dymo Label Software follow this method. Many of our labels are a slightly different size then standard Dymo labels so it's best to use a Dymo label that's larger then the DuraReady label you are printing. This allows full control over what and where you print on the label. Begin placing objects in the upper left hand corner of the template. A little experimentation will help you determine your printing boundaries. Save your design once complete with the DuraReady Label # in name for easy recall.

Once you have completed your template you can print DuraReady labels from the Dymo Label program or incorporate into other programs.  Refer to the Dymo help files for ways to print from Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Web browsers.