About Us

We are the exclusive source for DuraReady durable thermal-transfer labels for Dymo Labelwrter® and other thermal label printers.  We manufacture all of our labels in America from North American suppliers.

The primary purpose of our company is to provide durable on-demand labeling solutions using small desktop and mobile label printers.

Our direct sales approach eliminates the layers of middleman companies that's common in the label industry.  This allows us to offer our customers the lowest possible prices for our unique labels. It also allows us to quickly respond to customers' requests for new label sizes and features.  We listen carefully to our customers. Some of our most popular labels were the result of special requests from users. 

This direct approach also allows us to provide a quick response to any support issues that may arise. There is no delay while your seller contacts the manufacturer for answers because we are the manufacturer.  Any challenging problem can be quickly relayed to our technical staff for resolution.  It also let's us stay in tune with emerging trends and our customers' constantly changing labeling needs.  

We strive to learn something new everyday and continuously improve our products and support for maximum customer satisfaction.