2022DMG 2.0 x 1.0 White Polyester with Maximum-Grip Permanent Adhesive

Price: $34.89
Product ID : 2022DMG



#2022DMG, 2.0 x 1.0" White Polyester Plastic Label with Maximum Strength Permanent Adheisve, 500 per roll, Dymo Labelwriter Compatible
  • White gloss polyester plastic
  • Strongest permanent label adhesive available
  • Premium resin ribbon for maximum durability and darkness
This label combines our toughest DuraReady Polyester label with a specially engineered permanent label adhesive. It provides the maximum grip strength available on a pressure sensitive label today. Ultimate bond strength and grip on most materials including many rougher surfaces.  Excellent resistance to sunlight, UV, chemicals, temperature and weather.  

While the often requested "Permanent Label that can't be removed" does not exist the #2022DMG is as close to the mark as a pressure sensitive label can get.

**All of our labels are made with a black resin ribbon which not only helps to protect your printheads but also enables you to print bold and durable texts and designs onto your labels!