2042DMG 1.25 x 2.25 White Polyester with MaxGrip Adhesive

Price: $33.79
Product ID : 2042dmg_1_25_x_2_25_white_polyester_with_maxgrip_adhesive



#2042DMG, 1.25 x 2.25" White Polyester Plastic DuraReady Label, 345 per roll, Dymo Labelwriter Compatible
  • Specially engineered adhesive that provides the maximum grip on most clean smooth serfaces
  • Extremely durable polyester the withstands
  • Premium resin ribbon for maximum durability and darkness
DuraReady's specialized white polyester label with excellent resistance to sunlight, UV and temperature.   Ideal for the toughest environments including automotive underhood applications.  They provide excellent durability along with one of the strongest permanent adhesive available.  They project quality and professionalism for a very long time.

For best results use our custom 1042D template with Dymo Label Software 8.7.x

**All of our labels are made with a black resin ribbon which not only helps to protect your printheads but also enables you to print bold and durable texts and designs onto your labels!